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Rome Highlights: places to see, unmissable events

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panoramic views in rome

5 Panoramic Views in Rome

Ever since the Ancient foundations of the city, Rome has been known as the city built on seven hills. Throughout the years, this original citadel has grown and expanded even further into the countryside, meaning it now covers a much larger area than its original [...]

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Rome clubs

Party in Rome? A guide to Rome clubs and nightlife scene

When one thinks about the city of Rome, its fabulous monuments, ruins of the Roman Empire and churches of every age and size always come to mind. But people forget that there are many different things that Ancient Romans have always done well.

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Rome food: 5 Must-Eats

When in Rome food is of the essence. Never stop eating. This really should be your motto. Monuments are nice to look at, yes, but let’s face it, good food is nice to look at, it smells heavenly and is wonderful on the taste buds. [...]

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Rome drink? 4 not to miss places where to have one… or two!

If you are visiting, having a Rome drink in one of the city’s charming squares should be on top of your list. Strolling around the city center it is easy to notice that some places are just ideal spots for meeting friends and talking about [...]

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Roman pasta dishes

Ask a person about the first three words that come to mind when thinking about Italy, and almost always one of them will be “pasta”. This food so deeply rooted into Italian cuisine, can be found in any restaurant around the country and abroad, and [...]

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A selection of non touristic Rome museums

Non Touristic Rome Museums Rome is often considered a true open-air museum. Actually it is a city where, thanks to its nearly 3.000 year history, a mere walk through the city center is sufficient to find many examples of art and culture left by men [...]

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Roman market: 5 Not-to-Miss places

A trip to Rome is not complete if you haven't been to a Roman market. The market is the life of a neighborhood, the place where locals meet and argue theatrically about last night's game of "calcio" (football or soccer, depending on where you are from) and where tourists get to breathe some of the more Roman way of life.

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The Jubilee of Mercy

As for every Jubilee, there is the forgiveness of the sins and the plenary indulgence for all those who pass through one of the Holy Doors; of course, only if they really feel and understand that their actions were bad and reprehensible. The Holy Year 2016 will end on the 20th of November, in coincidence with the Feast of Christ the King.

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Rome real estate market

The current state of the Rome real estate market continues on a downward trend, as it comes from a distant market bubble, attributable in part to a speculation linked to the introduction of the euro in 2001. Although this overvalued Rome real estate market did not [...]

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