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Da Villa Farnesina : A beautiful garden to visit

  °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° “They say that a garden, even a small one, is the gateway to paradise.” As soon as I entered this place, it was as if I had already been there. People who are fans of the Bridgerton [...]

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Da VyTA Farnese : It’s Coffee Time

Enjoy your coffee ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. “They say the smell of coffee is like sunshine to the nose.” If there is one place where you can have a good espresso quickly, it [...]

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Da Verso Sera

VERSO SERA ” The real Italian carbonara “ Rome is one of the most fascinating destinations, with beautiful flats [...]

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Sampling Authentic Italian Desserts in Rome

If you’re looking for authentic Italian desserts, Rome is the city for you. When most people think about great Italian cooking, dishes like pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti immediately spring to mind. However, Italy is known for both sweet and savory delicacies. Different cities and regions [...]

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Best Tours and Events to Experience Roman History

    From a historical perspective, Rome is one of the best-preserved cities in the world. Many structures erected in ancient times are still standing today, looking just as pristine and awe-inspiring as ever. This is [...]

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Rome Rental Prices for Tourists in the Spanish Steps

? In this article: How Much Does It Cost to Rent in Rome Do Rental Prices Vary By Neighborhood How to [...]

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Top Hidden Gems in Rome

Rome encompasses an area of approximately 580 square miles, with thousands of fun things to do and interesting places to explore in every corner of the city. While many people are already well aware of Rome’s most famous tourist attractions, like the Colosseum, [...]

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Traveling in Rome Bridge at Dusk

How to Plan The Perfect Rome Getaway

1 Flights to Rome 2 Accomodation in Rome 3 Getting around in Rome 3.1 Rome Metro 3.2 Rome Buses 3.3 Rome Taxis 4 Things to see in Rome 4.1 Colosseum 4.2

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The History of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome

Today, the Jewish Ghetto of Rome is a fascinating neighborhood full of beautiful synagogues, delicious kosher cuisine, and a thriving Jewish community. However, the Jewish Ghetto has a long and storied history. As the oldest Jewish settlement in Europe, the neighborhood’s past [...]

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A Vegan Guide to Rome

Mozzarella and prosciutto may seem to be a core component of a Roman diet – but Italian cuisine can be a lot more vegan-friendly than you might expect! We have put together an exclusive Vegan guide for you to savour all of Rome’s plant-based delights. [...]

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Spas, Wellness and Relaxation in Rome

Why not take a break from your exhausting everyday life and immerse yourself in a fully relaxing atmosphere? As well as being a busy place full of attractions, Rome is also a city that offers plenty of opportunities for you to sit back, unwind, [...]

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Where To Drink The Best Coffee In Rome

Drinking coffee is most definitely one of the most unavoidable things to do in Rome. Need help choosing amongst the hundreds of cafés which fill the streets of the city? The path towards becoming a true Roman starts with discerning the excellent from the average. [...]

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Top 5 Unusual Things To Do in Rome

If it is not your first time visiting Rome and you are tired of the typical recommendations for classic tourist attractions, these ideas for unusual things to do in Rome will be perfect for you. Here you will find an updated exclusive guide of the [...]

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best rooftop bars in rome

Best Rooftop Bars in Rome

The Roman skyline is one of the most breathtakingly picturesque cityscapes in Europe. With so many hills, finding a vantage point over the city can be quite simple, and almost all of Rome’s districts have interesting views to offer. One of the best ways to [...]

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eating in the jewish ghetto

Eating in the Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Quarter, or Jewish Ghetto, is a beautiful and atmospheric area in Rome. It moreover boasts in an incredibly important history. This was the last standing Jewish ghetto before the Nazis reintroduced them in WWII. It was a 1555 Papal Bull that [...]

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