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The Best Views in Rome

best views in rome

Rome is a city with an innumerable amount of things to do, countless monuments to history, and a plethora of stunning art. One of the most delightful ways to take stock of a long day exploring this Eternal City is to gaze at it from above. From our collection of the best views in Rome you will be able to look out over this ineffably beautiful city. See Rome through new eyes as all its history and importance is laid out in front of you in miniature. The best time for these views is of course sunrise or sunset, when the natural light colors the city’s buildings in the gentlest, warmest light. Whenever you choose to go find your view of Rome, just remember to take your camera – these are images you’ll want to keep forever!

Top of the Basilica

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best views in Rome. The roof of the Basilica in the Vatican City looks out over the piazza below, but also to its surroundings. From here you can look into the surrounding countryside, and all the way down to the river and beyond. Though this view costs entrance, it is definitely worth it. Moreover, the entrance fee also gets you into the basilica itself, which boasts some of Europe’s finest architecture and art, as well as a crypt with an interesting history and displays.

Gianicolo Hill

This hill lies directly above the Trastevere area of Rome, though this is not what you see from its heights. In fact, there are three views to be had here. The first is at the Fontanone, and looks out over various villa terraces to the Piazza Venezia area. The second and third are from the slightly higher Piazzale Garibaldi. First, you can look out over the majority of the historical center from its more easterly terrace. Here you can spot various cupole, palazzi and the Altare alla Patria. From the more westerly side of the piazzale, you can gaze out at the greenery behind the gianicolo, and can watch the sun set behind St Peter’s Basilica. This is truly a sight that cannot be missed. We recommended grabbing a gelato, pizza, or beer from Trastevere below, then heading here to watch a breathtaking sunset over Rome.

Giardino degli Aranci

This serene garden is located just south of the circo massimo, has a raised platform terrace overlooking the western side of the river Tiber. The garden itself is beautiful, and you can while away the hours under the shade of its trees. Tourists crowd around the view in particular, and for good reason. From here you can see all along the river, over the Roman rooftops all the way to the Vatican. The entrance to this well-kept green space is free. However, note that it is gated, so beware that it closes at roughly 9pm everyday.

Pincio Terrace

On the very edge of the Villa Borghese, this terrace looks out over the Piazza del Popolo and out towards the Vatican. This lies in Rome’s biggest park, setting it in an oasis of green tranquility. After enjoying this view, you can wander through its calm ambiance and down to the Spanish Steps. The latter will also afford you a pleasant view down to the piazza below, and across the exclusive Spagna area.

Castel Sant’Angelo

This majestic castle looms over the Tiber and the Ponte Sant’Angelo, just in front of the Vatican City. Entrance to the castle museum also gives you access to the walkway on top of its old battlements. From here you can get a 360° view of Rome, walking all the way around. There is also a café at the top of this castle, with plenty of outdoor seating. This is an ideal place to sip on some coffee and taking in one of the best views in Rome.

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