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Il Piccolo Diavolo Aperitivo Bar

Aperitivo is a well-established Italian tradition, and every evening in Rome you’ll find groups of friends and family, both young and old, congregating around some of the best bars in the city to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail with unlimited buffet food to snack on. Aperitivo is available in every corner of the city, and you’ll find many different offerings, from vegetarian-friendly or gluten-free spreads to impressive selections of cured meats and cheeses. The system is simple: you pay for your drink, and included in that price is access to the delicious buffet food.

Il Piccolo Diavolo is located in Prati, a well-heeled and more residential district that backs onto the Vatican. However, a few streets from the walls of Vatican City, the crowd becomes decidedly less touristic and increasingly Italian. This little bar is located on the corner of a central street, and in summer a terrace is set up to make the most of the outside space. You’ll be surrounded by Italians as you sit out under the fairylight-draped trees and enjoy your drink. This is one of our favourite aperitivo spots in the city for three reasons: its more low-key (yet still easy to reach) location, its reasonable prices, and its exceptionally varied spread of food. Beers start at 5 €, and a spritz will set you back 7 €, but when the food included is considered, it definitely becomes worth your while.

The buffet is generous, and offers several pasta and rice dishes flavoured with sundried tomatoes or fresh vegetables. There are several cured meat platters, plates piled high with different sandwiches, couscous, a tasty asparagus fritattata, and their speciality: fluffy pizza bianca riempita filed with mozzarella and prosciutto. The bar also offers themed nights, such as sushi evenings, with fresh food prepared in front of your eyes!


Address: Piazza Cola di Rienzo 33/35

Opening Hours: Open every day from 7 am – 2-30 am

Facebook: Il Piccolo Diavolo

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