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Osteria dell’Angelo

Osteria dell'Angelo is a place to sample genuine Roman cuisineHaving spent whole morning touring Vatican Museums, or after looking down at the panorama of Rome from the dome of St. Peter’s Square, a question will eventually pop up in your mind – where do I eat? And if you are in the mood for some genuine local cuisine, we suggest you to make your way straight to the typical Roman trattoria, which has been run by the same person in the same location for over 50 years – Osteria dell’Angelo by Angelo Croce.

Great food in a neat decor!

The owner Angelo is an ex-rugby player, which is evident from the themed decoration of the place: rugby balls, jerseys, old pictures and earned rewards cover the walls and create a feeling of being part of the friendly sport family. Simple wooden tables accommodate of up to 60 people inside, and during summer months you can also find an additional outdoor seating. However, you will very likely find Osteria dell’Angelo full, so reservation is essential, especially for dinner. The reason for this is not only the high quality of served dishes – for dinner you will find a fixed price menu on offer, and for only 25€ you can sample a big variety of genuine Roman cuisine. First you will be served the antipasti of the day – bruschetta and warm scones with mortadella, traditional “pearl of Lazio” – beans from the local area, and some nice spreads of tuna, potatoes and capers. For the first dish a choice of traditional Roman pastas is offered, or you can also opt for a soup with broccoli, classical minestra. Not feeling full yet? There is a second dish coming up! We recommend you to go for the traditional rabbit – coniglio alla cacciatora, or if you want to feel like a real Roman, taste trippa alla romana – beef stomach, a local delicacy in the Eternal City!

Lunch instead is offered a la carte, with pasta dishes starting at 7€ – a very affordable menu considering the location of Osteria dell’Angelo! The exact address is Via Bettolo, 24, and you can have lunch between 13:00 and 15:00 and dinner between 19:30 and 23:30. Sunday is a day off, and on Mondays and on Saturdays only dinners are served, Osteria dell’Angelo is closed for lunch on those days.

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