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Campo De Fiori

Translated from Italian, the name “Campo de Fiori” means “field of flowers”, and is considered to have been given to the area back in the Middle Ages, when it was actually a meadow. Flower, fruit and vegetable market today, it is still as vibrant and colourful and definitely is worth a visit!

Daily market at Campo de Fiori square

A bit of history…

In Ancient Rome the area was unused and remained undeveloped until 15th century, when some important buildings were constructed in its vicinity and the square was paved. However, the area has never been architecturally formalized and always stayed a focus for trade and street culture: this can be clearly seen in the surrounding streets, which are named for artisans and craftsmen. Around Campo de Fiori you can find Via dei Cappellari (makers of hats), Via dei Giubbonari (tailors), Via dei Chiavari (key-makers), Via dei Balestrari (crossbow-makers), Via dei Baullari (coffer-makers).

Important historical fact is that in this square Giordano Bruno was burnt for heresy in 1600, and now a monument dedicated to him stands on the exact spot of his martyrdom and death.

Getting there

When exploring the historical heart of Rome, you will inevitably make your way to Campo de Fiori sooner or later. Do not forget to visit another awe-inspiring square Piazza Farnese, which is located nearby.

Why go?

An area of great historical importance, the square itself as well as surrounding streets serve as a long-standing monument to the life in Rome during past centuries. Here you will still find a lot of medieval buildings and important architectural monuments, and if you are hungry there is no better place to have a delicious meal or shop for some snack at the market!

Opening hours

The square is open for passage for 24 hours, and the market happens daily from the first morning light until twilight.

Nice monument… Now where can I eat?

A comprehensive list of restaurants, cafes and wine bars can be found in our Campo de Fiori guide. Just make sure you don’t miss Ar Galletto!

What is Campo de Fiori up to today?

Luckily not any more an execution field what it was during the days of Inquisition, now Campo de Fiori is a lively market area during the day and great place to hang out or grab a bite in the evenings!

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