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Rome Giolitti gelato

Rome Giolitti gelato

When in Rome Giolitti gelato are the two words you need to remember. Mark them somewhere, send yourself a reminder, post-it wherever you feel fit, do whatever it takes to make sure to remember those words. Giolitti has been in business since 1900, a long time to master the art of making the perfect ice cream! In fact, three generations have been passing along the secrets to a successful ice cream cone and there is no sign of stopping the goodness.

Fine ice cream in a fine setting

At Giolitti, you can sample some of the finest gelato in Rome in a setting which is nothing short of authentic. The ancient ice cream parlor has preserved an elegant, classic decor with marble counters and lovely decorative details that scream of another time. The rich selection of flavors is sure to please even the pickiest of the ice cream eaters. The gelato men (because there are many behind that counter!) are all kind, patient and willing to give you whatever information you need. Despite the mess of people who are pushing themselves into the non existing “line” and creating chaos, behind the counter, everyone seems calm and collected. In Rome Giolitti gelato is truly the chosen late afternoon snack for both locals and tourists who happen to be near the Pantheon.

And always remember that when the ice cream man asks “con panna?”, make sure you say yes! It translates to “with whipped cream?”. In case you didn’t know, “panna” is only the more heavenly version of the whipped cream we all know and love. Are you vacationing in Rome in the winter? Or maybe you’re not in the mood for ice cream? Worry not! Giolitti also offers a mouth watering hot chocolate and succulent pastries. But on warm summer days in Rome Giolitti gelato is really the thing to have!

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