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Panella: L’Arte del Pane

Conveniently situated on the edge of the fashionable district of Monti at only a ten minute walk from Termini train station, Panella is something of a Roman institution. This bakery, café, bar and restaurant has been serving the local area for nearly 100 years, and continues to be a firm favourite amongst all generations. Whatever time of day you choose to visit, you’ll find the place buzzing with lively chatter and a hub of constant movement. If you pass by early in the morning, their cappuccino is unmissable, finished with a dollop of handmade zabaione that lends it a moreish sweetness. Accompanied with a flaky, buttery cornetto, filled with your crema of choice, it the perfect breakfast for those with a sweet tooth.

Those looking for a savoury treat won’t be disappointed either, as this bakery also produces prize-winning bread and pizza fresh from its oven. There is a strong emphasis on presentation, as seen in their impressive creative window displays, which show off bread baked into such unusual forms as fish, ballerinas and even the Colosseum!

In the evening the bar and its outside areas fill up once more as customers arrive for the impressive aperitivo offered, choosing from the wide variety of wines and lining up to pile their plates with the delicious offerings stacked up on the counters. One of the most sophisticated aperitivo buffets in the city, Panella offers the standard favourites of pasta and rice dishes, and then more: sushi rolls, savoury biscuits, petit fours, mousses, tiny spring rolls, sliced prosciutto…the list goes on.

The lovely terrace outside the bakery provides plenty of chairs and tables shaded by parasols, and is the perfect spot to enjoy a snack and watch the bustle of Via Merulana pass by. The bar also takes care of the area surrounding this patio, planting trolleys and borders with colourful sweet-smelling flowers, meaning that it is always a pleasure to take a table here.


Address: Via Merulana, 54

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8 am – 11 pm, Friday and Saturday from 8 am – midnight, and Sunday from 8.30 am – 4 pm


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