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Pinocchio shop in Rome

Pinocchio shop in Rome

The adorable Pinocchio shop is a must-stop when in Rome. Gift shopping is always an important part of the traveling experience. Whether for yourself or for the people back home, buying something authentic and characteristic of the place you have visited can sometimes be a challenge. Especially in a big city like Rome!

The Pinocchio shop is actually really called “Bartolucci store” after the name of the family who started their wood work business in 1936. Until today, it is still very much a family run operation with everyone either working wood or dedicated to managerial positions within the company.

Pinocchio in all colors, shapes and sizes!

The main character you’ll find at the shop is Pinocchio, in many different colors, sizes and designs. So for Pinocchio fans, this is a little bit of a Pinocchio heaven! But aside from this famous character, you’ll find a rich selection of many other wooden figurines, magnets, pencils, wall decorations, etc. There is really no shortage here for lovers of wood objects. And perhaps the most important thing to mention is that at the Pinocchio shop, almost every piece can be personalized with a name. They do it on the spot and it makes for a very cute present that says “I thought of you”.

Although some souvenirs shops carry a few Bartolucci pieces, before buying it’s important you check for the logo stamped behind the object. Otherwise, you may just be purchasing a copycat version. But to be extra certain of the quality of your purchase, it’s best to simply head to one of the two official Bartolucci locations in Rome. The bigger store is located on Via dei Pastini, 96-98-99, while the smaller one is on Via di Torre Argentina, 82. Both are just a stone throw from the Pantheon. Another reason to head there!

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